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Laudibus in Sanctis

Leicestershire Chorale CD

Laudibus in Sanctis : Leicestershire Chorale CD

Laudibus in Sanctis

Psalms. Praises & Laudations

Ruth is the current composer-in-residence for the choir. She has added to the repertoire for the Christmas concerts, which have in recent years included works by Messiaen, Poulenc, Maxwell Davies, Villette, Byrt, Berkeley and Rogers, as well as more traditional fare by Vaughan Williams, Rutter, Willcocks, and even Bach.

Leicestershire Chorale have recorded a superb CB of Psalms, Praises & Laudations which features Ruth’s composition Veni electa mea as track 14. More details and order forms are available on the Chorale website

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  1. Nick Butler

    Dear Ruth, When I checked Google responsiveness I noticed your page re L. Chorale. How delighted I was. You might like to see a recently penned review.


    We are fortunate in Leicestershire to have so many excellent choirs and choral societies. Most of our county towns can boast a choral society and the city itself has many fine choral groups of varying sizes.

    However, this doesn’t just happen out of the blue. A good choir needs strong leadership and someone in charge who commands both respect and affection and can inspire his or her forces to achieve results of which they can be proud. This sense of achievement and discovery keeps the interest and makes rehearsals both enjoyable and challenging.

    The Leicestershire Chorale is a choir that has had a succession of inspiring musical directors including Paul McCreesh, who was in charge for over a decade and is world-renowned for his achievements in the field of early music. McCreesh is now the Chorale’s Patron and the current musical director is Tom Williams, another outstanding musician who has all the qualities listed above – and more – as is apparent when listening to the Chorale’s newly released CD: “Laudibus in Sanctis”.

    The contents of the CD give a good idea of the choir’s repertoire and range from Thomas Tallis born in 1505 to Ruth Almgill born in 1977 and includes works by Weelkes, Byrd, Bach, Purcell, Monteverdi, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Wood, Stanford, Langlais and Leighton.

    All the items are performed with that mixture of technical excellence, sensitivity and insight we have come to expect from the Chorale under Williams and accompanists David Cowen (organ) and Peter and Margaret Williams (piano). The quality of the recording, made in Chapel of Uppingham School has just the right amount of resonance and gives the sound a wonderful “bloom”. CDs are available at Chorale concerts.

    John Bence, Leicester Early Music Festival, Apr 2012.

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