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Ruth Almgill

Ruth Almgill

Ruth gained a BMus(Hons) from the University of Huddersfield specialising in electro-acoustic composition. She plays both the piano and cello and enjoys singing whenever she gets the opportunity. She has spent 10 years working as a studio manager for the BBC World Service at Bush House, its London headquarters, and on location abroad. Even though the BBC World Service is primarily news focused, Ruth managed to specialise in arts and world music programming.
Now based in West Oxfordshire, Ruth has recently returned to music education where she now teaches music and music technology including G.C.S.E. and A-Level.
Ruth has spent the last five years focusing on choral composition with regular trips to the Dartington International Summer School choral week and workshops. Her piece “L’Eternel est plein de grâce et de compassion” was premièred by the Leicestershire Choral in 2010. She was delighted to be commissioned by the Chorale in 2011 to write Veni electa mea as an associate composer. Ruth is proud to also be, along with James Weeks and Howard Skempton, an honorary composer friend of the chorale.

 Ruth Almgill’s setting of Veni Electa Mea, a highly singable, richly-textured piece of appeal, dedicated to the Chorale. – Leicester Mercury



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Ruth is a member of the Performing Rights Society and although she does not charge for access to her scores please ensure that you credit her and let her know through the contact form if you decide you would like to perform any of her compositions.

All compositions are © Ruth Almgill, all rights are reserved by the composer. Ruth is a member of PRS (CAE 518578520) and all performances must be notified.