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Veni electa mea is now available to download with Amazon
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Scores are available for your perusal. All rights are reserved and we ask that you let us know if you would like to perform or use the works in any public way. Ruth loves to hear her work sung, and encourages choirs to do so. Please use the contact menu to get in touch.
All audio tracks are provided as aids only. They are for you own personal use only. If you wish to purchase a CD with Veni electa mea on please visit the Leciestershire Chorale website where they are available at a very reasonable price.

Hast thou forsaken me2.1 MiB137
L'Eternel est plein de grâce2.8 MiB151
Annunciation35.8 KiB586
Come to this table67.1 KiB506
Hast thou forsaken me34.2 KiB507
L'Eternel est plein de grâce37.5 KiB395
Veni electa mea54.1 KiB451
Wide and long39.3 KiB369


All compositions are © Ruth Almgill, all rights are reserved by the composer. Ruth is a member of PRS (CAE 518578520) and all performances must be notified.